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Modesty will manifest sexy in a bolder way than showing too much. 

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"When his parent's invite you over for Christmas Dinner😏😊"

A festive green turtle neck with a black pencil skirt and sheer tights can be  a classy way to meet the parents. (But sexy enough to keep his head turning.) 😉👍🏽

Blue Phine collage.jpg

Yes, I have a turtleneck in almost every color. What's your point? lol 

This one is light gray; and paired with some dark blue, or any other color, slacks (chain belt optional), it would make a great option for a business casual outfit. 


FINALLY!!! No turtlenecks. lol

It is officially NOT turtleneck season in Georgia anymore, but it was still a cool first day of Spring/Birthday weekend. 

So in honor of springiness, a golden yellow jacket with white tank-top  and skinny jeans seemed like a great way to brighten things up...and still look delicious  😉 .

(Pretty much everything I have on is from Ashley Stewart except the shoes, the jewelry, the glasses and the hair [that's from Ashley D. aka Me. 😁 lol])

When you have your top completely covered, you can afford to show a little skin on the bottom. 

(Within reason, of course. lol)

ny_sm collage.jpg

It is still turtle neck season in Georgia 🙄, but we're going to make the most of it with skinny jeans and a coat that tastefully stands out.  Pair it with some  over the knee boots (which make everything sexy😉) and you'll have a #notanun #notnaked outfit for whatever outing you're on. 

I am starting to think that I may, or may not, have a slight obsession with the whole turtleneck look. 😅😅😅

But who can knock a properly fitted sweater dress...with bell sleeves😍.

It's not too loose to where it's not figure flattering, but it's not too tight to where you're showing everything God blessed you with. 

Always leave him wanting more ladies. 😏 

#leavesomethingtotheimagination  😉

Let's talk leggings.

I know that they are comfortable, easy to put on and go, and are more forgiving of fluctuating weight than most other pants... but ladies, they also leave nothing to the imagination. 

Pairing them, however, with a really nice asymmetrical  blouse, a duster, trench coat, etc. is  a classy and more presentable way to get the comfort of the leggings while  hiding your future husbands  treasured goods. 

Multitasking at it finest. 👍🏽

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