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#ChasteLife Premium Journey 

($1120  value)

  1. ChasteChats (can be booked separately)

  2. ChasteTaste 1:1 Cooking Lessons (can be booked separately) 

  3. ModernModesty Virtual Fashion Show and Tell​

  4. Feminine Health

  5. Specialty Workshops and Events

  6. Access to Private Facebook Group

  7. Chaste Devotionals 



This is a safe and personal meeting to share anything that you may be feeling or thinking about on your journey to positive self-image, self discovery and your chaste walk. Think of it as a virtual "girl chat" session.

These will be open and honest conversations about any challenges, victories, questions and straightforward thoughts on what you have faced or will face on this adventure.

ChasteTaste 1:1
Virtual Cooking  Lessons

Dust off your apron, or throw on that shirt you’re not really crazy about, and join me in the kitchen as I help you put together featured recipes personally selected by me from my stash of delicious dishes for the family. You get fun, personal face-to-face company and camaraderie as we prepare the featured recipe for that day.

​​​Modern Modesty Virtual Show and Tell

Join Chaste, virtually, for now, to show off your #OOTD based on the selected theme (first date, dinner with the parents, job interview, girls night out, etc.).

Let your inner runway diva shine as you model your outfit and get positive
feedback and suggestions on different ways you can upgrade it, or switch it up (depending on what the day/situation calls for) and suggestions on the

right places to show off your slayed look.

Feminine Health Awareness Sessions

The time to start focusing on and taking care of our lady parts isn’t when we get a man or get married, it’s now while we’re single. Yes, eventually someone else would have access to that area (after marriage, of course), but he isn't responsible for the upkeep of his new best friend...we are. 

Pleasure and life itself flow through this area, you want to make sure you’re able to enjoy it when the time comes. 

  1. Specialty Workshops and Events

    • ChasteTree Party -> Interactive workshop creating a visual representation of your WHY​

    • Shed The Labels -> turning all of the negative labels you have been called into ashes, and exchanging them for the beauty of who God says you are

  2. Access to Private Facebook Group (The ChasteLife)

  3. Devotions 

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