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The Uninvited Guest

Do you know those moments when everything in your world is perfectly fine until you see or hear something that causes your mood to do a complete 180º? That is me whenever loneliness enters the group chat🙄. The interesting fact is, sometimes I don’t even know or realize that I’m lonely until I see or hear that a relative, friend, or peer who is the same age as me or younger (they’re usually younger), has gotten engaged [after being with their significant other for 1 year or less]. & Here I am… …once again… (🎶I’m torn into pieces.🎶 Just kidding...but not really. Are there any Kelly Clarkson fans out there? Lol) …over here… …EXTREMELY SINGLE!!! & invited to another wedding that isn’t my own. Enter all the feelings of anger, sadness, jealousy, anxiousness, discontentment, & even bitterness. These are the times that God really gets an ear full, via a verbal venting session that the saints refer to as prayer; or a very long, sloppy written, tear-stained journal entry. (I guess in the latter case it would be an eye full then, huh?) It's after these moments, & getting all of that negative stuff out that I begin to feel this peace & calm through the sadness. Then my Heavenly Father ever so gently reminds me of 2 wonderful truths:

  1. Ecclesiastes 3:11a (NLT) “God has made everything beautiful for its own time…”

  2. “God gives His best to those who leave the choice to Him.” P.B. Wilson, Your Knight in Shining Armor

It’s these 2 truths that I cling to when I feel as though marriage just ain’t gonna happen for me. I want God’s best & His beautiful & I want it to last until He calls me home. Amazing things like that usually take time.

So, if you battle with loneliness from time to time, I encourage you to hold on to these 2 truths for yourself & use them to fuel your desire to wait on God to give you your husband & do love His way in the meantime. I want to hear from you. What do you do whenever you start to feel REALLY single? Yours truly,




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