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Ashley "Chaste" Davis

Fun Fact:: my mindset was, "I prefer to save myself for marriage, but if it happens, it happens.". . . Apparently God had other plans. lol

In February 2015, He laid it upon my heart to give my virginity to my husband....and I said yes. 

I thought this was a journey that I would take on my own. I believed that it was just going to be my personal decision & I was gonna do this walk for me. However, it has become apparent that He (God) wants me to take other young women with me. Even though I fought it at first, my love for helping people has caused me to embrace the calling that God has for me in this phase of my life. 

My prayer is that you'll join me in waiting until marriage to have sex (again..if your wedding night won't be your first time), that God will be glorified through your "yes" to Him, & that you will be honored because of your "yes" to God in doing love His way. 

What Is 
Chaste By Choice??

Chaste By Choice is a lifestyle that models exactly what it says, you are choosing to be chaste**. Not just because it sounds good, or it's what your parents (or any other authority figure in your life) want you to do, but because it's what YOU want.

  • You want to stay pure, for yourself and your husband 

  • You want to honor God with your body, and have Him grinning so big like the proud Daddy that He is 

  • You want eternal treasures over temporary satisfaction 

  • You don’t just want to have sex with some dude that you currently have feelings for but instead, you want to make love to your best friend, your partner in life, your God given husband who has made a lifetime commitment to you.

And you're living your best life the whole time. 💅🏽 

**being a virgin &/or not having any sexual relations before marriage. As well as complete fidelity to your spouse. (aka no adultery /cheating)

Need more support? Have questions? 

Are you, or someone you know, waiting until marriage? 
Grab a "Chaste Life" t-shirt to show off your choice of doing Love God's way.

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